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Unique Whisky Glasses | Denver & Liely

A Whisky Glass Like No Other

“This glass is intended to help fellow explorers rediscover their whisky collection, and conquer new flavors,” say Denver & Liely.  “We’ve put our heart and soul into the D&L Whisky Glass and we feel it embodies everything Denver & Liely stands for – Simple. Good. Design.
For the majority of whisky drinkers the humble tumbler is considered  to be the popular vessel of choice, while the ‘whisky snifter’ has been relegated to the world of true whiskey tasters. Denver & Liely’s unique design brings these two worlds together.  The hand-blown shape of the D&L Whisky Glass captures the sensory pleasure of taste and smell associated with a traditional whisky snifter and combines this with the versatile form and style of a classic tumbler. 

Denver and Liely is the culmination of ideas from Designers Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner. We’re without the frills. We simply design good products. Nothing more and nothing less.

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Appreciating Whisky with the Denver & Liely Whisky Glass

The unique design of D&L Whisky Glass allows for the exploration of your favourite drop, achieved by the sensory enhancing shape of a snifter with the solid feel of a tumbler.For true whisky explorers, the experience starts with the nose. Swirl the whisky around the D&L Whisky Glass to release the aromatic notes present. Cup the bottom of the glass to control the temperature of the whisky. Add to this the large surface area of the glass designed to enhance the fragrance, and the tapered opening designed to amplify the scent as it reaches your nose and you’ve got the perfect warm up act.Hang tight and appreciate the aromatic characteristics of your favourite whisky of choice. Now it’s time to taste. The tapered opening of D&L Scotch Glasses delivers aromas and flavours directly onto the front of your palate, allowing you to truly experience the whisky the way the distiller intended.Whether you like your whisky neat, on ice or with a dash of water, the D&L Whisky Glass makes the perfect companion for exploring your whisky collection. Again.
Having spent hundreds of hours developing, testing and refining the Whiskey Glass design, Denver and Liely think of the glass as the complete package. It could even be one of the best whiskey glasses available today. Who knows, but many the world over know it’s a bloody good glass for whisky.