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    Whisky Glass

    Whisky Glass

    Whisky Glasses

    The Denver & Liely (D&L) Whisky Glass came about from an exploration into the diverse and often mysterious world of whisky. Wanting to improve on the drinking experience by exploring the deepest, darkest depths of their whisky collections the Denver & Liely Whisky Glass was born.

    So What Makes This Glass So Unique?

    Traditionally the tumbler has been seen as the vessel of choice for the majority of whisky drinkers and the ‘whisky snifter’ relegated to the small group of true whisky tasters. D&L have now combined these worlds.

    The hand-blown shape of the D&L Whisky Glass combines the benefits of taste and smell associated with a traditional whisky snifter with the versatility and style of a classic tumbler.

    The wide base maximises the surface area of a standard measure, funnelling the aromas through the tapered body to the optimally sized opening. This reveals the whisky’s full character.

    The D&L Whisky Glass allows true exploration into the depths of your favourite drop. Neat / on-ice / cocktails – whisky the way you like.

    Hundreds of hours of refinement, prototyping and ‘testing’ have gone into the development of this glass. D&L call this stage of their design process their “happy place”. This glass is set to help fellow explorers discover whiskies they already have or have yet to conquer.